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In today’s environment, there has been a renewed focus by businesses on the importance of labor and employment issues. There are many challenges and risks associated with all aspects of employment from how employees are hired, how they are managed, and how termination of the employment relationship is handled. In addition, compliance issues are increasingly important not only from a regulatory standpoint but also for risk management purposes.

At Williams, Graffeo & Stern LLC, we have extensive experience with labor and employment law matters and we regularly counsel our business clients on a vast array of employment issues. We have negotiated labor contracts, briefed HR departments on various laws at the federal, state and local levels and litigated disputes.  Our firm is prepared to attend to any and all of your employment related needs.  

We understand the importance of making key decisions during the hiring process and preparation of employment-related contracts, including employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements and confidentiality agreements, containing provisions for non-competition and non-solicitation issues.  We have assisted our clients with preparation of policies and procedures for their workforce, including employee handbooks, harassment policies, and performance reviews.  We are also available to develop and conduct related training programs for your employees.  

In the event an employment dispute arises, we help guide our clients through the dispute resolution process, often times using alternative dispute resolution techniques of mediation or arbitration.  If and when necessary, our litigation team is prepared to handle the dispute throughout the litigation process.  

We have performed investigations based on allegations raised by employees, including sexual harassment, hostile work environment and discrimination. We help to minimize risks for employers when terminating an employment relationship.  We will guide management through the decision-making process and prepare the necessary documentation including termination letters and separation agreements.  

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