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The attorneys at Williams, Graffeo & Stern LLC are experienced in handling a myriad of business disputes. Our attorneys routinely represent business clients in state and federal courts throughout the tri-state area. We also have substantial experience with alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. At Williams, Graffeo & Stern LLC, we pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding the dynamics of each case and our client’s business objectives. This perspective allows us to provide the most effective solutions for resolving the matter. 

Our litigation attorneys have significant experience in formulating, prosecuting, and defending various types of commercial litigation, including contract disputes, employment related litigation, fraud-related claims, slander, misappropriation of trade secrets, trade libel, defamation, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, tortious interference with prospective business relations, and conversion. When the aforementioned business disputes arise, our litigation attorneys analyze and review the matters with an eye towards pre-litigation resolution and risk management. While our goal is litigation avoidance, there are times when disputes arise that must be resolved in the courts, the state and federal agencies, or through arbitration or mediation. When this occurs, our litigation attorneys aggressively represent our clients’ interests.

Every year we successfully litigate, settle, or try numerous contract disputes in a variety of fields. The contracts at the center of these disputes have involved: services; construction; real estate; shareholder issues; partnerships and LLCs; employment matters; non-solicitation and non-competition, and; commercial notes and debentures.

Additionally, we routinely help our clients protect their confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets by drafting practical policies that are informed by business needs and state and local laws.  We have also successfully prosecuted trade secret allegations in court. We further advise and counsel our clients concerning the hiring and firing of employees with confidential information.  We negotiate cessation or settlement of non-competes on behalf of employers and high-level executives.  We regularly seek or oppose motions for injunctive relief when a non-compete agreement is at issue and have had repeated successes for clients, enabling them to move forward positively with their businesses. 

Business divorces are often as emotionally taxing as spousal divorces. Our firm regularly represents business owners in connection with disputes with their co-owners. In many instances, we are instrumental in assisting our clients with an amicable resolution of the dispute. When that is not possible, we rely on our extensive litigation and negotiation expertise to preserve the value of the assets and bring the matter to resolution.

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